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Occupy Your Body

Occupy Your Body through Self-Acceptance
Maurice Turmel PhD

I've had some hectic days lately. There's always lots going on in terms of Personal Growth and Spiritual Alignment given this Ascension cycle we all find ourselves in.  The key event recently was landing in my body with a Thud!

How's that you say?


Well, you see, most of us are not living entirely in our bodies.  We exist in some suspended state, partly experiencing the physical, and partly trying to escape.  The physical can be painful, we all know that.  Those of us who hide out in fantasy images of a better place have yet to fully enter their bodies.  Why? Fear mostly.  Fear of pain, loss of control, disappointment and hurt, feelings carried over from previous lives no doubt, and in many instances, our entry into this one.

In my case it was a simple CSI investigation that revealed the reasons for my partial occupation of my physical vehicle.  I was abused as a child, that's the technical review.  What I experienced was this:  My father, who was a young parent at the time (age 20) used to frighten us children into silence when we were still in the crib.  Being the oldest, I was the first to experience this parenting approach.  He needed sleep and we were crying as babies are want to do.  So he made it a practice to startle us into silence.  It never occured to him or my mother that this might be a bad idea.

Have you ever seen a frightened baby? They exhibit the classic startle response.  They suck in their breath and lie still just as any organism would when it feels threatened.  You see this in the animal kingdom everyday.  This activity sets up a conditioned response that stays with a child for the rest of their life.  Add to this a few physical beatings along the way to age 5 and the deal is done. That child, who then becomes an adult, remains conditioned to the state of fear as the default position in their life.  "The world is dangerous and I must be vigilant."

Because of that initial application of fear and continued reinforcement through verbal and physical abuse, the soul does not enter the body completely.  It remains suspended so to speak, partly in the body, and partly in some fantasy where the world is not so scary, always vigilant though for the next attack.

You grow up looking to avoid danger, yet fall into it repeatedly, because that's what you expect. Law of Attraction at work.  Studies on abused children have shown that they would rather go home to the abusive environment than be placed in some unknown situation.  They want to stay because it is familiar, and it's all they know.

All persons and situations encountered thereafter are viewed with a modicum of suspicion.  People and events have to prove themselves harmless before we victims are willing to surrender to them. There is also an unfulfilled craving for acceptance.  It is sought everywhere through pleasing behavior.  Most often resulting in disaster, because that's still the deeper expectation. You expect pain and loss.  You receive it.  Your theory of life being dangerous, is again confirmed.  But the craving for acceptance lingers on and never leaves.

I found my way into therapy to resolve this issue, this lack of trust, this fear of others, this constant nagging feeling of threat just a heartbeat away. After my first wife left me and took our 2 daughters I was so devastated I finally sought out professional help.  I knew I had to bring this pattern to an end.

I went even further than that.  While getting help for myself I decided I wanted to become a therapist and help others through their challenges. So, I got the training I needed and ran a successful private practice for over 15 years, until I burned out.  The problem with the cure is that I took in too much.

The road to recovery is filled with such stories. People so desperate to escape their pain, they overdue it on the recovery side.  The road to mental and emotional health is filled with such stories, people burning out trying so hard to rid themselves of that early onset pain and fear.

So when I finally landed in my body with a Thud, I literally felt my feet hit the ground.  What was it that brought this result on?

The Solution = ACCEPTANCE!

Acceptance of all that you feel is the key.  This is the absolute straightest road to recovery from these effects.  Of that there is no doubt!  There are many therapeutic and healing practices available today, and there are many theories that support them.  Those that are successful all end at the same place: Self-Acceptance!

You want to be healed of your wounds?  Accept them!  Feel them!  Allow them to move through you!  You want to be rid of the frightened child within?  Accept her!  Love her!  Bring her to your bosom and comfort her!  Let her/him know you are now the caretaker and you will give her all that she needs.

She/He will balk at first.  Your frightened inner child trusts no one, including you.  Only through your commitment to bettering your life and healing those wounds will she allow you to come even close.  It may take a long time for your frightened and abused inner child to come to terms with your new-found good intentions.  But it will happen, be assured of that.  And you'll know the job is done by the distinctive Thud you will feel in your heart.

The key to transitioning from scared human to empowered human is Self-Acceptance.  I have spent the last 4 decades attempting to solve this riddle for myself and that is the final tally. Self-Acceptance wins all battles, those within, and those without.  That's when all those scary monsters you've been living with surrender their power to the Inner You who is now in control of your life.

Self-Acceptance means "I choose my Self."  Say that every day until you begin to believe it.  There is no other way through the morass of emotional turmoil that so many of us have been saddled with upon arrival on this planet.  Ascension is here now, available to all. Whatever road you take, self-acceptance spells the end of your healing journey and the beginning of your ascent to Cosmic Consciousness.

Blessings to you all on this path.

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