The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Friends in Deed

Friends in Deed

What are we to make of our adventures when God steps in to help us along? “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” or so the saying goes. When we are alone we can imagine all kinds of disasters and scare ourselves into paralysis. This is of no use to anyone. Unable to move we may never strike out to discover what could be ours.

He says we have numerous opportunities to break out of our mold. Companions come and go. They each bring something to the party. A bit of whimsy perhaps. A bowl of flowers. A simple gesture of approval. A kind act. All asserting that we are not alone and that there’s plenty of support to go around.

So why do we insist that we have to do it alone? It’s not possible is it? No one gets through Life alone. We are certainly all influenced by each other and supported in some measure. “Bring me two or three together,” He says, “and watch them unfold graciously.” “Bring me one who is alone and I will show you a sad and lonely heart.”

We weren’t designed to be alone. To have companions is part of our purpose, as it is to have a majority of our senses working toward the same goal. When we’re together we help each other. When we’re alone we pine for another to join us. It is only together that we get to share what it is we are investigating or conceptualizing. Being alone is where we incubate. Coming together is where we get to show off what it is we dreamed up. Sometimes that dream has everybody in mind regardless of who originates it. Such is the story of all major achievements and our great works of art. All are rewarded by their promise.

So share your stories, won’t you? You have something to say, just as we all. And we do benefit from each other’s contributions. So, make yours today.

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