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What is it about fear that gets us all tied up in knots? Is it the biological realm rearing its head in the face of a possible threat? Is it our minds making mountains out of molehills? Or is it some other nefarious element that lies outside of our control? The fight-or-flight response says you must make a choice based on what’s in front of you and what capacity you have to deal with it.

It’s not always right, is it, this fight-or-flight response? Sometimes we act when leaving would be a better option. Sometimes we stay only to quickly learn that this may have been inadvisable. So how do we deal with fear in a manner that is most compatible with our True Self?

The nature of fear is twofold. First, there is a real or perceived danger that we are reacting to. Second, there is an urge to do something about it, be it practical, magical or otherwise. For a real danger, fight-or-flight is likely the best course to follow. We measure the danger and act, by either removing ourselves or confronting it.

With perceived danger, that is an entirely different matter. Here we are manufacturing fear in response to a threat elicited in our minds. There may be a real trigger involved, but it’s what we do with it that takes us toward denial or possible paralysis. Now we have an unspoken fear that we will attempt to manage via food, alcohol or similar distractions.

It is rarely enough to realize that we are fearful and then choose to do something about it. It is exacting and true, however, that when we address the feeling of fear, we can get past it. What is necessary is that we accept it, let it flow through us and let it be. But when we run, hide, gesticulate, or attempt annihilate, we inevitably fail. Why? Because these measures hide the real truth about fear – it is a feeling. And as such, we have to accept it and feel it before we can release it.

Feel it! Love it! Embrace it! And fear will move through you. Fight it, and you become its prisoner. So follow the path of least resistance by accepting a fear as your own, feeling it and then releasing it when you no longer have need of it. Lesson learned! Let it go! Simple but effective. Try it and see for yourself.

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