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The Brotherhood of Light – November 7, 2014


Welcome all you Citizens of Earth, Starseeds, Lightworkers and Wayshowers. Welcome to the Cosmic Blues Cafe.

We are here to entertain you, to guide you, to share wisdom with you and to assist you on your way to Cosmic Awareness.

This is your chance to complete those assignments you agreed to before incarnating and to bring an end to that karmic wheel of life event repetition, much like in the movie Ground Hog Day.

Here you are, ready to launch yourselves into a new world of adventure through recognizing and acknowledging your Divine Inheritance.

Here are the basics of being human at this time in the Earth's evolution:

You are a cosmic being of love created by God. There is only one God and She/He lives inside each and every one of us. You can accept or deny this, that is your choice. What you cannot change are the facts.

Everything alive on this planet lives and subsists through God's will. God's will is the Universal Will, the will of the ages, containing the truth of all truths, the beginnings, endings and new beginnings. This is the cycle the world's population has been working through since time immemorial.

We are here to assist you with your lessons and challenges, as these come into your life and nudge you toward where you need to go next. You access this “guidance” through your Heart and Feeling Center, your internal GPS. This is how our messages come through the host of this site.

This puts you on the Path of Eternal Reckoning, helping you realize you are part of the Universe and one of its essential attributes. If you weren't connected to Source, you wouldn't exist – End of Story!

So, with that in mind, we offer the following:

Today's topic is about Love, and only Love, because that's the ultimate goal of every survivor here on the earth plane. Yes, we know about the suffering, the heartaches, the losses and the seemingly interminable healing processes that many of you have undergone in this and previous lifetimes.

In this world no one is immune to such challenges and the accompanying emotional turmoil. However, you are here for a purpose. And that purpose is to recognize your life circumstances for what they are – life lessons you have chosen to go through. Whether conscious of this or not, every one of you has done this. Welcome to Schoolhouse Earth!

Many of you have taken on your life lessons and worked them through to a satisfying conclusion. This is called “taking responsibility.” Only by doing so do you move through these challenges and grow, both spiritually and psychologically. In other words, you gain emotional strength by confronting your so-called demons, whether you face them on your own, or with the help of a suitable therapist as that proves necessary.

These are truths as we know them and so is the following:

If you choose to Not Accept responsibility for what comes into your life and your subsequent actions or reactions, then you remain stuck on the wheel of karma feeling victimized over and over again with every incoming event. You get to play games like “Poor Me” and “Ain't It Awful” while perpetuating your suffering indeterminately. In other words, you've abandoned your self and any hope for recovery from your wounds by keeping yourself in the position of Victim. As Dr Phil would ask: “How's that working for you?”

These are tried and tested simple psychological truths brought to humanity's attention by the great prophets of your race. The fact is that individuals who take responsibility for themselves, get the help and nurturing they need to heal, and stop blaming the world for their state of being, do end their suffering and gain heightened levels of emotional, psychological and spiritual strength. They are practicing what is called Conscious Evolution.

By “choosing your self” and taking good care of yourself do you make the necessary adjustments along life's roadway to where you can begin harnessing the Wonders of the Universe as these start emerging through you – through your Heart Center most specifically. In other words, as you grow to Love yourself again, you recognize that Love is the essence of your Being.

Every heroic journey is filled with such challenges and ends at this point where the hero and heroine have fully accepted themselves - warts and all. Through their challenges they have discovered that their true essence is being One with God and all visible and invisible life forms on this planet. This is a magical moment indeed. It signals the end of suffering, the end of searching and the beginning of expressing Love in all its magnificent forms.

That's our story and we're sticking to it!!!

We rest here at this point and invite you to contemplate what has been shared. Measure it against your own internal referents and those of family and friends who you realize are on the same journey with you. You are at a place of appreciation when you do so. And you are at the doorway of your own Divine Emergence into the Love Vibration as you follow this path that is uniquely your own. You are the answer to your prayers! How does that feel?

Until next time,

We are the Brotherhood of Light

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