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The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Dwelling in His House

Dwelling in His House

A long time ago, when you were young, a prayer was written in the sky. The prayer said: “He/She who dwells in the House of the Lord shall dwell forever.”

At the end of this prayer was a signature. It was of the Lord who had written the original. At the end of each prayer lies another signature, that of the man/woman who wrote it, the one who actually lived the tale.

Are you ready to sign your name across your heart and into His, so that you too can dwell in that very fine House? His House? Your House? Our House?

His House is yours and yours is ours. We are all His and He is Us too, dwelling forever in this fine domain we call Earth. Let us dwell here forever, shall we. At least till He calls us back to report on what we’ve learned.

Did we dwell in His House or one made do? We are free to find our way, but we must listen. His is the Way and His is the House. Let us all dwell there soon, shall we.

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