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The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Celebrate Your Soul

Celebrate your soul with music and love. Touch the Divine within and be part of All-That-Is. We are One with the Universe and the Universe lives in us. Let your Soul roar.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Your Spiritual Journey Podcast - "Occupy Your Heart"

Your Spiritual Journey Episode 2 - "Occupy Your Heart"
Maurice Turmel PhD

Physical journeys begin and end but not so with Spirituality. Spiritual journeys are ongoing and take us from one dimension to another in an ever ascending cycle.

We're not here to waste our time, to be victimized or sidelined by the circumstances that befall us.  We're here to get it together and find our way Home. Home is where the heart is and that's where we live once that connection is made.

This episode of Your Spiritual Journey is about connecting with that heart-space - your feeling center. It is where we feel that we live, not where we think. Thinking about our feelings comes after we've accepted them and identified what they mean to us. Without that step there's no getting around to where we actually live.

Then we're on the wheel of karma perpetually falling into one trap or another, traps that we created, to keep us feeling victimized and afraid. Its through self-responsibility that we break this cycle and find our way back to center.
Getting off that wheel requires us to connect with our heart. Every psychotherapist worth his/her salt knows this to be true. Guiding people back to where they "live" - that is where they "feel" - is what happens in the consulting room every day.

Only by owning and feeling those feelings then allowing ourselves to express them safely can we ever be free of that self-perpetuating karmic cycle.

So, Occupy Your Heart and you will find your way Home.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Imagine That - Music Video

Imagination is the source of all creation. We are all creative beings, sprung from the womb of the Great Creator:

"Imagine that I say to you / Imagine if you will / A heart that wants to Soar . . / A heart that wants to Roar . ." That's us in a nutshell!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Speed of Love

While we're waiting for "The Event" and other actions that are to move us forward, we are reminded by Guidance that - We are Moving at the Speed of Love, even though patience is the virtue we have all just about run out of. I know I'm tapped. However, Spiritual Evolution is not tied to our clocks. So let's hang in there.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meet Me at the Tree

Meet Me at the Tree - Maurice Turmel - "Dr Moe"
Invitation to connect within and without. Meet me at the tree is a call to a lover we've had a disagreement with, or a long lost friend we are eager to reconnect with. In this case it is Source, our God Self within. She/He has been waiting for us to declare we are ready. The tree here is the Tree of Life.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

We Will Get Bye

Enough with war and harming others. Time to wake up and change the station. End corrupt governments! End corrupt financial systems. End corrupt industries. Most assuredly - END ALL WARS!!! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ascension Symptoms Alert

Ascension Symptoms Alert
by Shekina Rose / Blue Ray
Most star beings already have or will most likely experience this during their time on Gaia.
ressurectionofbioenergeticMany of the Blue Ray and New Forerunner Star Seeds may be experiencing ranges of intensity of emotions that can include sadness and frustration due to core structuring expansion in the crystalline light body and fields. As you are also entering new time lines and cycle of dimension this can create a sense the job is done and a missing of home—completion.
The endings and beginnings of the New Earth dimensions and vibrations can stir a deep longing for true connections and familiar landscape, as there seems to be no energetic place to go back to and yet not a visible recognizable future space. You, the New Earth Forerunners, Blue Rays, and Gatekeepers are the first to walk through these new parameters of dimension of time and space, decoding and surveying as you go. You, the divine designer, code frequencies carriers and change makers, are the transformers that make palpable a path and a way for others. Your heart spirit longing to connect with your star and soul family is the catalyst that will open these energetic pathways and opportunities for these sacred reunions to occur here on Gaia. 444
Wanting to leave the planet and go Home 11 11
Many of you have finished with long cycles, karmic and soul contracts worked through many lifetimes and spaces and wish for a respite and rest. You may feel you want to leave the planet and go Home. This may come as a surprise for some Star Seeds and Blue Rays who have already gone through these feelings of home and have worked to find your place and resonances on the planet to have this come up again. 33
I am ready to ascend now
Feelings of where do I belong on the planet and where is my home now and I am ready.  The increasing cellular light buildup of energies with a culmination of many soul dimensional and life time clearings, shiftings and endings can create a need to expand and ascend now. If you have not experienced this yet this may occur sometime this year and it may come out of nowhere that you burst with energies as a need to birth something new and a wish to ascend. Some souls will choose to leave the planet in the next three-year cycle, ascending through the gateways that have reopened.
New Earth Ascension symptom finding your anchor; where do I find home now
Frustration from increased cellular intensity of expansion of movement and to ascend, and at the same time wishing to be on stable ground your space of home. This is where you may find that you are leaving your body so as to find the space that is resonant and comfortable for you.
What you can do: Take time to stop for a deep, conscious breath. Knowing you are breathing the breath of life, place a hand at your higher heart center, feel your presence coming back to your body, and say, I am not aloneI am the breath of life, the breath of Creation, this is my home center. What happens is your true and higher self kicks in as well as your world showing and reflecting back to you home and your resonance field.
The ascension process is the expansion of your multidimensional beingness of shifting your frequency that goes beyond limitations of time and space, increasing your light vibrations. And as this goes through the body, cellular memories, ancestor earth grids and history and consciousness at different levels and rates at various times can create these shifts and tug and pull off your energies.
Where is home 333
Most of you have given up many attachments to the old world and 3D way of living and can experience frustration and resistance as to the last holding on of wanting a solid foundation in the way things have been. The wanting of a permanent home base, where you belong, and/or wishing to move and to create this home to anchor here on the planet can occur as you experience the levels of the ascension process. Know that you are creating a new home on Gaia, in unity of the Galactic Star DNA that connects you together, giving you a supreme divine power of the Universe.  A new earth in communion with kindred souls and star family for a greater foundation that surpasses the limitation of the past structures and belief systems is what you are creating and why you are here.
Home is here, just not in the place it used to be 333
The trueness of your being is still real, your purpose, gifts, your bodily vehicle are still here, the Earth is still here even though you may feel at times you are someplace else. The players and places may have changed and the true real you here has traversed the limitations of lifetimes, veils and consciousness. You are remembering what it is like to be in the space and how to integrate this into your life, world and the unity fields of soul consciousness and new light grids. 13
We, your star family and Blue Ray, align with you on Earth and in light fields and say you are not adrift; you are emerging past energy boundaries of resonances and constructs that felt safe in the past that can no longer serve, and as you create anew, ask how do I wish to play now as limitless being of eternal resources? 10:10
Your calling, your purpose your truth is your Home
Go into the calling of your soul, your truth, the Love of who, as this will permeate through all things and show you your home and center. Your home may not be able to be found in one small area anymore. Your home has expanded as Source is showing the greater you, the divine power to create and transform, to have the prosperity and abundant support in all your true heart’s desires to create the New Earth!
Your calling keeps you in center and connected in communion with life, Source and the light. The Universe is wishing for a grander relationship with you, to show you more of your true home. And to bestow you with bountiful beauties of love and supply in whatever location on the planet you reside. You are truly in the most amazing times on the planet.
Beloved New Forerunners, Visionary of the new codes, Earth Angels, New World Pioneers, thank you for your service in truth, love and light, your galactic star and light families are closer now than ever before as we await in knowing celebration our unity of homecoming is now!

"According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to Section 107 of Title 17 of the US Code."

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Call to Arms - "The Voice"

A Call to Arms

A Message from "The Voice"

When you were small oh how you wondered about so many things. The tress, the plants, the animals, all fascinated you with their amazing qualities. Do you remember waking down to the bakery to smell the bread? Do you remember insects flying through the tall grass of the fields you played in? Do you remember the feelings then, rich as they were, powerful and frightening at the same time? Do you remember the sad times, the glad times, the times you cried and the times you sighed? Do you remember the first time I said “I love you,” and the last time, and the one before that? Do you remember all the mysteries you set out to uncover, to get to the bottom of – as I know you could?

Yes, you were amazing then, were you not? So full of life, willing to explore anything, willing to just go for the heck of it. When did it all change, this great interest of yours? When did we see its decline? Around the time of that first emotional pain, was it not? Oh yes, and many blows after that. These were the hurts that closed you up and caused you to suffocate. Do you see how this all began, this journey of self-discovery? It took you out on a long road of experiencing, around many curves and bends, down through many valleys and up and over many hills.

Never boring was it? Do you recall? Of course you do, living it all through your body as it were. Such a peaceful romp, a gentle ‘travail’, when the winds were manageable and no pain was at hand. But when the blows struck, oh how painful they felt. Difficult to bear, wouldn’t you agree? But you took it all, as did most of you. You took it because at some level you saw it as your cross to bear.

Perhaps you thought Jesus the Christ was the only sufferer worthy of note. But I say to you, you’ve all been there, suffering your slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. No one was deprived of this experience, a gesture of mercy some say, handed down from above, to allow you to learn what had been taught by the Masters. Jesus was only one of these, a great teacher immortalized in your history books and sacred writings.

Yes, Jesus did travel the path, the road of trials, unto his death and subsequent resurrection. Today you might say ‘upliftment’ and mercy unto the Father who helped him to his feet. Jesus was not lost, only afraid, that was all, as many of you have been in your own suffering.

This path you chose was replete with such sorrows, similar to his in kind and yet, you never knew this comparison could exist. But it does and also shines favorably upon you all. You have all done your best, your duty so to speak and I applaud you as I did him. He sought out his wretched sorrows as you have yours, because he had chosen them, as have you. You were not undiscovered creatures in your sets of circumstances, you created each instance with the abandon of a General who knew what his/her troops needed to learn. Don’t be ashamed of your moral dilemmas, your uncertainties or so-call sins. These were all of a particular design, for a particular purpose you had chosen to bring about.

Why would you choose such dire circumstances, some will ask? To learn, I would say to you – to learn all those lessons you believed you needed to learn. Who was I to say that it needn’t be so, when your soul had already commanded it to be thus? It was for a grand purpose after all, to strengthen your heart, to bring about redemption if so pleased. These were your circumstances and choices to wrestle with and favor, as you saw fit. I understood this was your task, your journey to be fulfilled. You apprised me so.

So when you set out, I wished you well, standing on the threshold of Home, so to speak; to bid you farewell, knowing it would be some time before your return. I was sad as it were, given my part in all things. As your Father/Mother I had to let go, to let you go and discover for yourself life’s gentle mercies and life’s tragic prose. You chose, you selected, you undertook your tasks and did them well. I am proud.

This I can say for certain. You are my chosen ones who I sent forth to gather the flock and bring my people home. No everyone can do this as many of you have now perceived. Not many are willing to undertake such a task. It was left to you.  The road of sacrifice may be soon forgotten, but that pain one acquired along the way lingers on and tempers the character growing within. Yes, you have suffered, but oh how you’ve grown, into that most magnificent of beings that you all are and are still becoming. You are my standing army, awaiting its next call.

It is here my friends, my brethren, for children you are no longer. I can see that now. In the fires of your darkness and difficulties now left behind, you have forged yourselves into a might army, fit for a Kind, of which I am. And I come to you now, my gentle giants, and ask that you behold the tender mercies of love all about you and underfoot. The world has need of your influence now. We have need of your hot pursuit. The flock is restless and the wolves, now desperate, are closing in. They must be stopped! They must be held at bay!

Can you see your tasks now my loved ones? Can you see your purpose ahead? Can you see that your cross has born you to a task that is of this particular kind? Your sufferings taught you many things about love, life and the pursuit of happiness. They teach you about who you are and what you have won. Your sorrows were for certain the part of your path well-intended to serve you in all the ways that a good school can prepare.

You teach history when you know about history. You teach love when that has been your greatest prize. You teach all of that which you know, as you have lived and gained its full measure. You teach what has been personal to you.

Jesus taught what was at hand. He lived what he taught and shared all he learned. He did this for love and for the betterment of his clan. They needed his lessons as do your friends today. They need to hear about that which is hard won in life’s emotional battlefield. These lessons are enduring because they have been lived to the core. This is how you make tempered steel my loved ones, you win it in the heat of one’s own life.

The time is here my fellow travelers, to share that which you know. The time is here to open up and let yourselves glow. You all have The Pulse vibrating within, tuned to my broadcast and received through your heart. Let it activate and have it show you where you can begin. And let the Great Creator be with you now and always. Know that you are blessed. Know that you are loved. And know that I am with you forever.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Calling All Lightworkers, Starseeds and Wayshowers

Calling All Lightworkers, Starseeds and Wayshowers

Maurice Turmel & Brotherhood of Light

I am coming to life. I am waking up. I am awakening to my True Self. I am! I am! I am!

I am coming out to greet the world, to share my story, to be a man/woman, to be a contributor, to be a helper, caregiver, supporter and guide. I am a guide to the New Age. I have been here before. I know the way. I can retrace my steps. I can be who I came here to be.

I am coming out of my shell. Sometimes I take action. Sometimes I can’t do anything but wait and pray; then it’s time to just listen. I can only move when I am being urged to move. Some days I am half asleep, groggy, stumbling around, unsure of what to do, unsure of where to go, within that fog so to speak. I appear to be stumbling around between worlds.

I am releasing my hold on 3D and have already planted one foot in 5D. I have just lifted my other foot off 3D and am about to plant it as well on the 5D landscape. That makes me nervous. Because when I do plant that second foot, I say goodbye to 3D forever.

I am ready to do so, to say goodbye to 3D because I have nothing left to give that realm and there is no real grip there anymore for me to hold on to. I have to let go and swim with the 5D current I am already in. I am OK with that. I can trust this current. It is safe. And I clearly sense it is taking me where I want to go.

I know, I want to go Home to my Heart, out of this sphere of indictment so I can let go of that fearful, competitive realm in favor of this new safer version of Life, the one that bonds me to God – Thy Self.

I just want to be removed from all this turmoil and disengage from the 3D drama completely. I am ready to do that now because I am at peace with myself. I’ve decided to love myself and that brings me peace. Yes, I am ready to surrender to this process, to have more influence on my health, wealth and well-being, through communion with God, Source, All-That-Is.

I want to be in that space again, enveloped in the Great Creator’s arms, enjoying that blissful hug that brings me closer to Thy Breath, where I can inhale Your wind and fire and breathe it back into the landscape that surrounds me.

I want to breathe new life into this tired old Earth. I want to have Her heave and sigh, like a lover about to wake up refreshed. I want to bring her gifts of glory and peace. I want to be me, all that I am, and be Free. Yes, Free!

That amounts to total surrender, I realize, to the peace within, the energy and light that have carried me this far. Yes, I am tired. Tired! Tired! Tired! I’ve been waiting for so long, waiting for You to come to me – now realizing, it is I who must return to You.

I am the Prodigal Son/Daughter returning home to the loving arms of their Parent. I have ventured far and wide this lifetime, and discovered many wonderful things again, as much as one can carry in any one lifetime.

I have learned that the Heart is the true Gold in life and to which we must surrender, so we can safely traverse this next level of challenging terrain. This land ahead is marked “for your eyes only”, for those of us who have chosen to ascend. Ascension is the Now Season since we crossed that threshold back in 2012. I have ascended before, I am told, so I know the way apparently.

Yes, I can see up ahead. There is a light and it is I (Eye) gleaming in the distance. It is “I” that I return to, to complete this cycle of life/death/rebirth/life. It is “I” that I embrace as I reach that homeward station.  It is “I” that I receive when I stretch out my arms to welcome Me home. It is “I”. And I am each and every one of you whom I encounter on this road to paradise.

Yes, I’ve seen it all before. The signs are looking familiar again. There are lights coming on here and there to help me along, to glow in the dark until I am done fumbling about and can readily see for myself. There are more and more lights along this path now, like the landing lights at an airport. Impossible to miss at this point in the journey. Eyes (I’s) Forward!

I am guided by these lights. I am welcomed by them. And I am embraced by them as I touch down once again on this gentle soil of my own making. I am just another hunter looking for a way home. A familiar cry, some would say, but let this be my way to travel and exhibit all my gifts and abilities, woven together from a tapestry of grand desires. Yes, I want it all this time, the whole kit and kaboodle as they say. Nothing less will do.

Are you ready for service dear Lightworker / Starseed / Wayshower? Are you ready to address the concerns of others as if they were your own? Then step aboard this Glory Train and get ready to rumble. Things might get rough for a while, as we sort out the details of who was right and who was wrong up to this point.

About those so-called Mighty Men

“Don’t be scared of that bunch” guidance is telling us all as you cast an eye toward those mighty men who broke your world. “You trusted them and they let you down. Oh, they failed miserably and never had a chance really. Because they were crippled by the same fear that afflicted you, and that’s why they drove themselves to accumulate all they could, so much so, that they turned to gangsterism to gain what they decided was theirs for the taking. A veritable ship of fools!”

That’s how sick they were, and still are, those who practice this art form called deception. Self-deception is what it always amounts to. They are so far gone at this point; they have no idea what they really are, and much less of an idea about you and I. They are taking their well deserved tumble, and we came to watch. “How horrible is that?” one may say. “Who’s laughing now?” another may add. “How pitiful is that?” is the only viable conclusion.

These mighty men, they showed us what Not to Do, that the god of Money is no god at all, nothing more than an unsatisfied mistress who wants more and more and more, until you’re broken into little pieces and strewn all over the floor. House of Cards? Castles in the Sand? Take your pick!

What else can one say about these men? They are a sad lot indeed. Their power is gone. Their fraudulent business empires are crumbling. Their paper money is tattered and in shreds. What have they achieved? Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! They literally have nothing to show for all their accumulating, their avarice and their controlling addictions.

Hoisted by their own Petard, they are real victims here, because they failed at everything they tried! Why? Because a house built on lies is bound to fail. They erected the proverbial Castles in the Sand, that are doomed to be washed away with the next cleansing tide – which is You and I, my fine feathered friends, my fellow Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers and all around good folks.

We are that tide, beautiful Starseeds, glowing Lightworkers - Wayshowers of the New World. We, you and I, are that tide, here to wash away the “sins of the father”, clean up this galactic mess and restore Mother Earth to her natural beauty, peace and calm; so she can be the nurturer that she is and lover of all she embraces. Let’s be good to Mum this year, she deserves it.

Are you with me Lightworkers? Are you with me Starseeds? Are you with me Wayshowers? We are the ones we have been preparing for. We are the Galactic Federation Ground Troops and it is time to take up our positions within the Heart Space of God so She/He can work their magic through us. We are the answer to our prayers. Are you ready to rumble? Then let’s get crackin! What do you say???

Monday, February 2, 2015

Music in the Key of Soul

Music in the Key of Soul
by Iam Saums – 

The Conquest of Noise

It does not take an aficionado to observe the declining quality of contemporary music.  When we dare to explore the radio dial, we often find a barrage of noise attacking our ears and senses.  We may search for the message and our connection with it, though rarely are we able to enjoy or resonate with the songs or the frequency in which they are recorded and broadcast.  Where once we were empowered, inspired and happy in our listening, now we often experience the side effects of corpora-tized sound.
A hostile takeover has been executed with boardroom secrecy and precision.  It has nearly sacrificed the essence of music.  Initially it was the manipulation of the frequency in which music was tuned, performed and recorded.  Next it was the elementary, commercial, propaganda-laden lyrics influencing our listening, perceptions and lifestyles.  Then it was the incessant promotion of untalented people singing meaningless songs to distract us from the real issues in society and ourselves.  Now it is the control of the industry by the unoriginal few at the cost of the passion and creativity of the many.

An Uphill Battle

It has become exceedingly difficult for musical artists, i.e. singer/songwriters and composers, to find their audience and niche let alone succeed in the contemporary marketplace.  The industry has become an exclusive club of untalented and elitist entrepreneurs seeking instant stardom and financial windfall from engineered music that is here today, gone yesterday.  This has produced a system that has mirrored the pyramid schemes found most often in the corporate finance and business sectors.  Creativity and empowerment in music has been greatly replaced by popularity and profit.
The music industry is rigged.  To some degree it always has been, much like many other forms of artistic expression.  Creativity in music has become less about the art and more about what the artist is willing to sacrifice.  Hit singles and endorsement deals are the standards of success.  It is more about pushing corporate agendas then artistry.  The customary recipe for music is repetitive, trance-like lyrics that program explicit and subliminal messages to alter the thought patterns of the listener.  It applies mechanistic beats and multi-layered sounds more so resembling racket rather than music.
The common tuning frequency in music has been 440-hertz since the World War Era.  It was altered from 444-hertz to promote the energy of war and conflict.  The difference is less than a half step in diminished chromatic tuning.  The energy of 440-hertz is dark, chaotic, puts the listener on edge and can incite reactions of aggression, confusion and cognitive dissonance.  Most listeners of music, as well as the musicians that play it, do not possess a heightened awareness or understanding of frequencies.  The denser vibrations of music impose a forceful persuasion upon even the peripheral audience.

Revolution Reveals the Truth

Most artists and musicians have accepted the conditions of the industry, much like most human beings have adopted the rules and regulations of their society’s everyday reality.  Most are desperate, overwhelmed and willing to alter themselves and compromise their artistic integrity just to survive doing what they love.  Very few have been able to manifest their musical vision into its most pure and true expression.  Those that have, find it exceptionally challenging to gain the necessary attention, support and longevity to sustain their craft into a lucrative career.
The most vital and symbolic element in the dynamic of an artist’s successful creativity is their willingness to stand for, be confident with and share their expression.  It is a given in the contemporary climate of the arts that there are far more things against than are with them.  It isn’t merely their passion, desire or even the need to create and perform that can carry an artist to their melodious paradise.  It exists in their way of being and the energetic quality of their expression.  This is when the excitement, creative power and relatedness happens that allows musical artists to transcend the industry’s authority.

The Power of Expression

It may seem difficult to follow one’s vision in the process of writing, recording and performing music, yet it is as vital as our heart is to our body.  Each one of us received the blessing of life in this world.  Each one of us was given a voice and an avenue of expression.  The majority of us rarely discover ours, let alone convey it.  Our creativity isn’t just an ability or gift.  It isn’t even for the love or the freedom we experience while we are playing music.  It is our eternal life force made manifest.  It is our destiny articulated in sound.  It is who we truly are when we allow ourselves to be.
As artists, the measure of our creativity is in the declaration of our truth, purity and illumination.  In this age of contemporary music, it is very easy to be influenced by the external forces around us.  We may even catch ourselves unconsciously imitating the current popular melodies or beats we may encounter. Only our own true expression kindles our creativity, life force and energy.  It transforms our environment as well as our selves in our pursuit to expand our artistic being.

Who Feels It Knows It

All music is born from silence.  Everything that is creatively possible as music is first silence before it is transposed into sound.  The greatest music ever composed has had an evocative presence of silence to enhance its melodies, harmonies and rhythms.  The silence between the notes and beats have always expressed the enchantment and mystery of a song. Silence is the most overlooked yet powerful element in music.  It is in the silence where the soul of music is found.
Creativity is an eternal, multi-dimensional presence.  It plays the artist as an instrument in a communal exchange to become sound in physical reality.  However, the artist must be present and open to this force for it to flow through them and be expressed to its fullest potential.  This requires a great deal of de-programming and releasing what one has learned and believed to achieve an enhanced ability to feel and intuit.  This is the cornerstone of the transcendent relationship between the artist’s soul and the source.
Music is not something that we write and perform.  It is quite the contrary.  It is a stream of consciousness that moves through us when we have reached an enlightened expression of being.  All artists stand at the mouth of this current, yet we are not its source.  It is a sacred, ethereal bond we establish with our willingness and dedication to let go of who we think we are and become who we were meant to be.  It is not in the notes or even the instruments we play.  It is in the resonation of our soul’s harmony in concert with the melodic source of creation where music thrives in its purest and truest expression.
Music is the song of our soul.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saul, Through John Smallman for January 28, 2015

The Power of Your Loving Intentions is Tremendous.

Humanity is on a roll towards the moment of awakening!  As you read the mainstream news media reports of conflict, wars, crime, and corruption all over the world that may not seem to you to be a valid assessment, but I assure you it is.  Yes, there is much going on that is unloving and causing suffering in the world today, but it is for the most part  the result of an enormous clearing and releasing of the old energies of fear that have maintained and supported the illusion and those who would suppress and control you through it.
The unloving energies, mostly of fear, that have been predominant on Earth for eons are dissolving as more and more of you turn towards love in your relationships, and make the intent to be loving in every situation.  The power of your loving intentions is tremendous, and those who would maintain the old ways through fear and force are now desperately attempting to raise the level of fear across the world because they urgently need those energies as they attempt to fortify the underpinnings of their power base and prevent its collapse.  This they cannot do.  The Tsunami of Love is unstoppable and totally irresistible and it is sweeping away the energies of fear that have held you in the thrall of the dark ones.
You are well aware of the massive uncovering of lies, deceits, and corruption that governments and international corporations have been involved with, as investigative journalists and whistleblowers determinedly and courageously publish vast amounts of evidence that has been concealed in order to allow those in positions of worldly power to carry out their destructive agendas.  Arousing your fears has been one of the ways they used to justify their unjustifiable secrecy, claiming that it was in your best interests to allow them to do things in secret to keep you safe.  It has now become abundantly clear how badly they have deceived you and betrayed your trust in them over the eons.
A few of your politicians while promising transparency during their election campaigns over the last few decades have totally failed to deliver on those promises.  Some indeed had good intentions, but the power and influence of the political machine run wild presented them with insurmountable barriers on that front, and so they turned their attention elsewhere.  And the increasingly raucous attempts by the mainstream media, under governmental and corporate control, to instill worldwide fear of terrorism are failing abysmally.  Humanity will never again submit to fear.
Love is the power, the energy field of infinite potential in which creation rests in constant alert awareness.  That potential is the creative idea that God unveiled at the moment of creation, and it is eternally present throughout Reality, available in every moment for his children to develop and expand.
Fear is the absence of Love, absence of that creative potential.  It is illusory, but when believed in leads to depression, helplessness, and hopelessness.  Do not engage with it, because you do have a choice, and when you choose fear instead of Reality, Love, you give power and energy to the illusion, and that you do not want to do.  There is no one among you who enjoys being in fear, no one!  But when you are in fear you cannot avoid projecting it outwards, sharing it and extending it.  Instead refuse it, and embrace Love, you can do that, and you have limitless assistance from those in the spiritual realms to ensure your success.
Fear is also a state of mind, an unpleasant and personally power draining aspect of the illusion.  Love is Reality.  Embrace Love and fear dissolves because anything that is not in alignment and harmony with Love is unreal and cannot therefore hold out against It, being of the illusion it just ceases to exist.  Increasing numbers of you are realizing this every day, and are refusing to be cowed into submission any longer.  The days of darkness, fear, and unquestioning compliance are over because humanity has chosen to awaken from the nightmare in which it has been resting for eons.
The underlying assumptions upon which most of your laws rely are being deeply questioned, and those assumptions are being proven, in nearly every instance, to be false.  A new era has truly dawned, and initially that appears to be rather unsettling.  That is hardly surprising because you have become so conditioned to obeying mindless rules and regulations that when they are removed you feel for a moment quite unsteady.  It is like experiencing a momentary sense of dizziness if you stand up too quickly after a catnap or after your meditation, but it clears quickly as you return to fully conscious alertness.
So, I shall remind you yet again: Love Is . . .  there is nothing else.  Anything that is not in alignment with Love is utterly unreal, and is only seemingly real when you close your hearts, allowing illusions to fill that empty space from which you have chosen to shut out Love.  Open your hearts, invite Love to embrace them and flow through them to all sentient life, and experience the peace and contentment that that open state reveals.
Love is eternally and infinitely peaceful.  When you operate from Love, from your natural state, there is no fear, no anxiety, no conflict, no damaging competitiveness, just glorious and harmonious cooperation.  In that state worries and concerns dissolve because there is no room for them as you are completely filled with Love, and nothing else is sought or needed.  Needs of all kinds are the tools of fear, tools that are now being seen to be broken and irreparable.  In their place lies abundance waiting for your acceptance of it so that it can, by your allowing, dispel all humanity’s needs.
All is in place for your awakening and for your release from the illusion.  When you take your daily time alone in meditation, prayer, or contemplation be sure to remind yourselves that you are never alone, that you are always in the company of your spiritual guides and mentors, who watch over you constantly offering you the love that you have so often sought, with a noticeable lack of success, outside yourselves.  Love is your nature, and you are never separated from It, just temporarily unaware.  Open your awareness, allow Love to embrace you warmly and enthusiastically just as It wants to.
With so very much love, Saul.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Religious Abuse Recovery

Religious Abuse is Emotional Torture

Maurice Turmel PhD

We begin our story with a poem, one I wrote years ago, in what seems like another lifetime. My Guidance tells me I walked the earth back then and saw for myself the insidious beginnings of this thing called Religion.

Authority figures were looking for ways to control the masses. Each day some new purpose would emerge designed to enslave the existing populations and have them do the dirty work of those who saw themselves as Masters.

For the purposes of this story and Religious Abuse Recovery as I know it, we will focus our attention on the Catholic Church primarily. But this expose can be applied to other religions as well.

Man’s Folly – Religious Abuse

In the Name of the Father / How can it be? / You lied and cheated / Deceived me, I can see

No more holdouts / No more old scores / Time to return me / To my sweet amore

The one true love / That resides within / Is not without worry / But certainly without sin

The abuse of the Father / Is no folly indeed / It happened to many / Disrupted His creed

His words had been spoken / In the hearts of the All / Lost and forsaken / Left in the Hall

There to be taken / By those who “knew better” / Thought they’d interpret / That unopened letter

Concealed though it was / To be opened by you / Thought they would grab it / And give it a chew

Chew this they did / And badly as well / Hell and damnation / Had cast their spell

Long after the heartache / The evil and rhyme / The words of the Lord / Were turned into slime

Now these are retrievable / Through your own heart / Look in there dear / You’ll find your part

No longer distorted / By those "in the know" / Cause you open your mail / And start your own show

Let it be said / That God knew better / He’d let you find / Your very own letter

He’d let you know / When you had enough / Cause His Heart is Yours / And Yours is so tough

Tougher than lies / Let that be for certain / Look inside your self / Just behind the curtain

The veil they created / With their stories untrue / The nonsense they taught / And said was about you

You know the truth / God set it there / “Take a look dear / Don’t you be scared”

“I placed those words / Inside your heart / I knew you’d find / Your very own part”

“I’m glad you took charge / And set it all straight / No use pretending / I just couldn’t wait”

“Glad you could find / Your way to center / Heaven is right here, dear / Time for you to enter”

“And I love you, I do”

Signed: God within You

Time to Remove that Religious Collar:

I come to you with this news because it is time to remove that religious collar from around our necks. We have suffered at the hands of our religious leaders. We adopted methods of coping that affected us adversely. These would include the great variety of addictions all designed to numb out the toxic effects of Guilt and Shame piled upon us by those who claimed to know better. This is one aspect of the insidious nature of Religious Abuse.

Let’s set the stage so we can all see where this enslavement of souls began. At the beginning of the First Millennium AD, around the time Jesus Christ was born, the Roman Empire was in a stiff decline. Their mastery and control over Europe and various regions in Africa and the Middle East were falling apart because the Roman leaders could no longer maintain the discipline necessary to keep their legions of subjects in line.

As the Roman Empire continued its decline, some of its soon to be deposed leaders noticed that a rise in religious fervor was taking root, therefore, an opportunity to harness that need was now available. They realized they could transform this seeking of spiritual succor into a different form of enslavement that only required conditioning of the mind. By co-opting God as the ultimate Higher Power, they could deliver to the populace a series of edicts that could not be challenged, since they came directly from God.

An uneducated populace fell right into the trap and became supporters of this new religious movement. The Roman Empire morphed into the Roman Catholic Church and carried on their usual affairs under the guise of a new business model. Former military leaders exchanged their battle garb for priestly robes and began the transformation. They started to build churches and went to work developing their mind conditioning practices.

They saw for themselves what power religious beliefs could hold when they witnessed the effect Jesus Christ had on the population of the time. After they dealt with him in that most heinous fashion, they jumped all over this need and began the business of converting the Empire into a large scale Religion.

They developed all kinds of methods for enticing people, methods that made good use of the technological advances of the day. For a na├»ve population, these acts of trickery were pure magic and served to draw them tighter into the fold. Simple mathematical formulas coupled with advances in hydraulics were converted into the miracles of crying statues, bleeding glass and speaking stones, all orchestrated behind the scenes by masters of illusion who hired themselves out to the Highest Bidders. That’s how Catholicism began, with trickery and deceit, methods that remain in existence to this very day.

This form of ongoing deception set the stage for what was to become a systematic program of wowing potential converts with manufactured miracles. The biggest coup for the Catholic Church was when they successfully co-opted Jesus Christ’s name and enormous popularity. Once he was out of the way, it was easy, because he was no longer around to challenge them. This simply was the common business practice of stealing an idea, then getting rid of the competition that created it.

But that was not enough. They needed a founder, someone who was loyal to Jesus Christ, and that was his right hand man, Peter. They claimed Peter as the founder of Jesus Christ’s church, even though they killed him as well, crucified him upside down, if you recall. So today you have St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica within that square all contained within a small piece of real estate that reports to no one but itself, exempt from taxes and exempt from scrutiny, the wealthiest religious organization on the planet.

In the meantime, Roman Empire soldiers became Christian Mercenaries and led the charge against heathens everywhere. A heathen was simply a person or group that did not endorse Christianity. For this failure to comply they were killed, with Holy Swords and in God’s name. A few centuries back, during the time of the Crusades, a Christian mercenary leader reportedly asked his Pope, Pope Innocent II, how he should differentiate between believers and heathens, so as not to smite the faithful. And the Pope replied: “Kill them all. We’ll let God determine which are His.” There you have another piece of the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church.

Historians may dispute these claims as too simplistic and not factual enough, because I offer no accounting of dates or other specifics. The accuracy of these claims can be determined when you Google any of the key words listed above. For the purposes of your Religious Abuse Recovery, such details are unnecessary. What the church did or didn't do, and who were the main players at the times of various atrocities will have no effect on what you need to recover from Religious Abuse. All we are showing you here are the corrupt beginnings of a Religion that claimed to have your best interests in mind, while its priests and nuns were busy berating you, sexually abusing you, shaming you and reducing you to puddles of tears, successfully conditioning you to hate your self. This is spiritual blasphemy of the highest order

The Roman Catholic Church has become a massive and perverse institution whose main weapons include psychological controls, dehumanizing physical and sexual abuses and constant condemnation of your value as a person, as a true son / daughter of God. This is how they started and where they remain to this day, keeping all of us as children dependent on them, and continuing their program of mental and emotional enslavement through psychological torture and conditioning.

You need to see this for yourself, so you can come out of the trance they have put you in. All of their messages are what we psychologists call “double-binds”. For example: “God loves you, but you’re a Sinner.” “If you do as we say, you will go to Heaven. If you don’t, you will go to Hell.” There was no Hell until they invented it. There was no Purgatory until they invented that also.

All of these machinations are fictions, all part of the Big Lie to keep us enslaved. None of it is true. They made it all up. And they continue to promote these ideas to this day because now they can rely on unquestioned history and their 2,000 years in business as validation of their eternal righteousness and authority.

This is where the Roman Catholic Church started. They discovered that Guilt and Shame, coupled with the fear of rejection by God, were stronger weapons than arrows and swords for bringing populations to their knees. It was easy back then to dupe so many people, because there was no education system to speak of, except for the elites who were already behind this fictional creation, and are still there to this day - as the so-called Illuminati!

Jesus Christ did not launch the Catholic Church and neither did his close friend and disciple, Peter. These men were however setting the stage for a spiritual revolution, and that is why they were killed. They were a threat to the ruling authorities of the day. Once these two were out of the way, the elites of the time seized the opportunity to capitalize on the authentic search for truth and wholeness, and used this natural human desire to enslave people in a whole new manner. With the fear of God duly installed, they could do pretty much whatever they wanted.

They successfully utilized the power of belief and the natural urge to meld with one’s God as a tool for conscripting millions into their fold while installing themselves as the only legitimate intermediary between man and God.

That’s where our experiences of religious abuse began. These perverse psychological tactics have been in operation for 2,000 years and they will not be going away quietly. The modifications of Christ’s original message are still going on, as are the abuses inflicted on countless children all over the world. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg where these abuses are concerned. The Catholic Church has successfully silenced many dissenting and complaining voices by simply paying them off under gag order conditions. That strategy is no longer working. Today the whole world knows about pedophile priests.

In the meantime RC mangements continue to conduct business as usual. Who is the next potential Saint in their lineup of fake heroes? Let’s condemn abortion one more time. Let’s continue to deny poor people in third world countries the use of condoms to keep family sizes manageable. Let’s release another edict against homosexuality while our own ranks are filled with them. Let’s publicly condemn priest pedophiles while we continue to shift them from parish to parish as complaints are laid.

Lies, hypocrisy and more lies are the true foundations of the Catholic Church. You need to see this to begin your recovery. You need to know that you placed your trust in the lowest of the low, that your parents were duped as were the thousands of generations before them. You need to see how badly and perversely we’ve been lied to so that you can contemplate the idea that you are not so bad after all. When we reject our abuse experiences as determiners of who we are and put these back onto the shoulders of our abusers where they belong, we begin to see that their practices are clear testimony of their perverse nature.

They are the abusers and we are the victims. The abuse that we suffered is about “what happened to us.” It is not about who we are. But it most certainly is about who and what they are. And they are everything they ever accused us of. They are the perverse and the psychologically sick. Their actions, thoughts and behaviors toward innocent children are what need to be condemned. They are the purveyors of abuse.

The Catholic Church’s entire program began with a series of lies and that remains as their foundation to this day. These people are murderers, liars, child abusers, sexual abusers and emotional abusers. They live in a hollowed out world where the only truth that matters is what will help perpetuate their power and control for another day, week or year.

They have piles and piles of money that they keep to themselves while they shame us into giving to the poor and disenfranchised, loathsome conditions that they help perpetuate with their antiquated but controlling messages about sin, sexual activity and birth control. In their world, it’s all about counting the cash, keeping the business humming along and silencing the victims of their various abuses through murder or payoff. Yes, there are bodies buried around residential schools in North America, children that were killed by their priest caretakers. Those who survived these experiences and witnessed the murders, have been bought off by those pesky gag orders, so that the Catholic Church could continue to pretend it was wholesome and clean.

The Catholic Church’s leaders have positioned themselves as parent authorities who, while working for God, are allegedly immune to scrutiny or prosecution. They have successfully used the same tactic as rapists and similar abusers when confronted with charges of abuse – blame the victim and re-victimize them all over again.

Petty despots and religious abusers are all cut from the same cloth. They are elitist. They see themselves as privileged. And they truly believe they have the right to “Lord it” over the rest of us. We, the general population, continue to be their slaves as long as we endorse their program, or, more accurately, fail to stand up for ourselves and put these abuses and condemnations back onto them, where they belong.

This is the end of the road for the Catholic Church and all religions that practice psychological enslavement of their adherents. Those of us who have been abused are now saying:

"Enough! I will no longer suffer at your hands! I am done with you forever! And I will heal myself of all your toxic effects."

Let that be the beginning of your recovery process. Let the above phrase become your Mantra. Say it to yourself everyday and prepare to heal from the lifetime of abuses you have suffered at their hands. The problem was never you. They problem has always been in the hands of your abusers. They are the ones who are sick and misguided. They are the ones who have perverted and corrupted Christ’s message to us. They are the ones who pretend to be God’s emissaries when they are in fact perverts of the truth.

Yes you can recover from Religious Abuse, Religious Sexual Abuse, Religious Mental Abuse and Religious Emotional Abuse using the very same psychological tools they used to condemn you. Properly applied, these tools will lead you out of the spiritual wilderness they cast you into, and help you find your way Home to your True Heart, your True Self, and then make good your Personal Connection with the Living God within. Then you will know the true freedom of being “Connected to Source”, which simply means you will never need another religion again for the rest of your natural life.

How’s that for a promise? You, connected with You, and with the Great Creator! No more middle man. No more lies - just your own permanent connection to the Almighty.