The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

The Man in the Moon

The Man in the Moon

Sailing along, where adventures dare
The man in the moon should be aware

The Lord is coming over that crest
Arriving on a chariot, served by His best

An Army of Lightworkers wanting to arise
Releasing their sorrows, seeking His eyes

Theirs were beside them, pale and hollow
Released as it were, no longer fallow

Gone are the winds that hurt and make cry
Gone are the echoes of those who would die

Gone are the fairy tales and so much ado
About sadness and love, heartbreak and you

Gone are the heroes who looked to the sky
Gone are the saviors who came to deny

That you belonged to His eye in the sky
Your Lord and Master, your Guide to arise

The man in the moon winks as He passes
Lets out a scream, releases some gases

Vapors and highlights, smoking and bright
Causing a stir as He passes in the night

The man in the moon knew He was coming
Prepared a place with exceptional plumbing

A parcel, a packet, a wrench and a pipe
A guidepost, a lamplight, a beacon to the night

The path for His purpose as He enters our hearts
“Open,” He says, “I’ll show you your parts

“I know you’ve missed me, I’m here to say that
Come now, good friend, here’s a little pat

“Care for some loving, some bliss to make do
Know that I love you; know that I’m true

“Care to join Me for that adventure we dared
Back before you took form; when we prepared

“I’m here now, loved ones, wake up, be brave
Time to awaken, to make our wave

“I’m here among you as always was true
Here to serve friends, as are you

“Let’s move out now and do what we can
To light the way for them, it’s part of the plan

“The man in the moon knew I was coming
He held up his arm and shored up his plumbing

“Prepared for Me to descend from the stars
Right into your hearts, so I could be part

“Of the breath you take and the words you share
Cause you came willingly and chose to dare

“All I ask is that you do your good purpose
And that, my friend, will be a great service

“To those who don’t know their hearts can arise
They must learn from you, and trust in your eyes

“How else can we forward this special design
Unless we all share what originally was Mine

“Yours to be spoken now, shared and portrayed
For all who will awaken on this wonderful day”

The day when the moon sat swaying in the breeze
As the man in the moon then fell to his knees

Praying for Life to once again be restored
Where awakening hearts return to their Source

That’s why we’re here, to help with the awakening
A task we took on when we felt forsaken

Now we are saved by that Light all aglow

Cause the man in the moon has given such a show!

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