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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Call to Arms - "The Voice"

A Call to Arms

A Message from "The Voice"

When you were small oh how you wondered about so many things. The tress, the plants, the animals, all fascinated you with their amazing qualities. Do you remember waking down to the bakery to smell the bread? Do you remember insects flying through the tall grass of the fields you played in? Do you remember the feelings then, rich as they were, powerful and frightening at the same time? Do you remember the sad times, the glad times, the times you cried and the times you sighed? Do you remember the first time I said “I love you,” and the last time, and the one before that? Do you remember all the mysteries you set out to uncover, to get to the bottom of – as I know you could?

Yes, you were amazing then, were you not? So full of life, willing to explore anything, willing to just go for the heck of it. When did it all change, this great interest of yours? When did we see its decline? Around the time of that first emotional pain, was it not? Oh yes, and many blows after that. These were the hurts that closed you up and caused you to suffocate. Do you see how this all began, this journey of self-discovery? It took you out on a long road of experiencing, around many curves and bends, down through many valleys and up and over many hills.

Never boring was it? Do you recall? Of course you do, living it all through your body as it were. Such a peaceful romp, a gentle ‘travail’, when the winds were manageable and no pain was at hand. But when the blows struck, oh how painful they felt. Difficult to bear, wouldn’t you agree? But you took it all, as did most of you. You took it because at some level you saw it as your cross to bear.

Perhaps you thought Jesus the Christ was the only sufferer worthy of note. But I say to you, you’ve all been there, suffering your slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. No one was deprived of this experience, a gesture of mercy some say, handed down from above, to allow you to learn what had been taught by the Masters. Jesus was only one of these, a great teacher immortalized in your history books and sacred writings.

Yes, Jesus did travel the path, the road of trials, unto his death and subsequent resurrection. Today you might say ‘upliftment’ and mercy unto the Father who helped him to his feet. Jesus was not lost, only afraid, that was all, as many of you have been in your own suffering.

This path you chose was replete with such sorrows, similar to his in kind and yet, you never knew this comparison could exist. But it does and also shines favorably upon you all. You have all done your best, your duty so to speak and I applaud you as I did him. He sought out his wretched sorrows as you have yours, because he had chosen them, as have you. You were not undiscovered creatures in your sets of circumstances, you created each instance with the abandon of a General who knew what his/her troops needed to learn. Don’t be ashamed of your moral dilemmas, your uncertainties or so-call sins. These were all of a particular design, for a particular purpose you had chosen to bring about.

Why would you choose such dire circumstances, some will ask? To learn, I would say to you – to learn all those lessons you believed you needed to learn. Who was I to say that it needn’t be so, when your soul had already commanded it to be thus? It was for a grand purpose after all, to strengthen your heart, to bring about redemption if so pleased. These were your circumstances and choices to wrestle with and favor, as you saw fit. I understood this was your task, your journey to be fulfilled. You apprised me so.

So when you set out, I wished you well, standing on the threshold of Home, so to speak; to bid you farewell, knowing it would be some time before your return. I was sad as it were, given my part in all things. As your Father/Mother I had to let go, to let you go and discover for yourself life’s gentle mercies and life’s tragic prose. You chose, you selected, you undertook your tasks and did them well. I am proud.

This I can say for certain. You are my chosen ones who I sent forth to gather the flock and bring my people home. No everyone can do this as many of you have now perceived. Not many are willing to undertake such a task. It was left to you.  The road of sacrifice may be soon forgotten, but that pain one acquired along the way lingers on and tempers the character growing within. Yes, you have suffered, but oh how you’ve grown, into that most magnificent of beings that you all are and are still becoming. You are my standing army, awaiting its next call.

It is here my friends, my brethren, for children you are no longer. I can see that now. In the fires of your darkness and difficulties now left behind, you have forged yourselves into a might army, fit for a Kind, of which I am. And I come to you now, my gentle giants, and ask that you behold the tender mercies of love all about you and underfoot. The world has need of your influence now. We have need of your hot pursuit. The flock is restless and the wolves, now desperate, are closing in. They must be stopped! They must be held at bay!

Can you see your tasks now my loved ones? Can you see your purpose ahead? Can you see that your cross has born you to a task that is of this particular kind? Your sufferings taught you many things about love, life and the pursuit of happiness. They teach you about who you are and what you have won. Your sorrows were for certain the part of your path well-intended to serve you in all the ways that a good school can prepare.

You teach history when you know about history. You teach love when that has been your greatest prize. You teach all of that which you know, as you have lived and gained its full measure. You teach what has been personal to you.

Jesus taught what was at hand. He lived what he taught and shared all he learned. He did this for love and for the betterment of his clan. They needed his lessons as do your friends today. They need to hear about that which is hard won in life’s emotional battlefield. These lessons are enduring because they have been lived to the core. This is how you make tempered steel my loved ones, you win it in the heat of one’s own life.

The time is here my fellow travelers, to share that which you know. The time is here to open up and let yourselves glow. You all have The Pulse vibrating within, tuned to my broadcast and received through your heart. Let it activate and have it show you where you can begin. And let the Great Creator be with you now and always. Know that you are blessed. Know that you are loved. And know that I am with you forever.

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