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Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Letter from Santa

A Letter from Santa
Maurice Turmel PhD
(Originally published in “Mythical Times - Exploring Life, Love & Purpose” by the above named)

Oh gather ye round all my children
For I have a tale to tell of the dawning of man
She and He came to Earth a long time ago
To celebrate this life that had been given and was blessed

Oh what wonders befell you as you ventured forth on the Earth
To discover your being in all that mattered
It was never meant to be difficult this journey through time
Only a gentle romp through the woodlands and across the plains

Do not despair, my fragile friends, for you have only gone astray temporarily
He who knows all and sees all is here to guide you back
To that gentle place within where the poetry of your Soul resides

The Creator has written many stories and poems to you over time
To advise you of this sacred place within
You faltered on your journey outward and failed to notice the signs
So He comes to you often, in prose, in poetry and in rhyme

Each year at this time you remember Him softly
In the heart of your yearning womb
You can feel that presence sublime, pulsing within your frame
More alive at this time than throughout the year

We of the ethereal realms reach you better now it seems
For your hearts are more open and we are easier to find
You receive us because you want us and we, in turn, find our way to you
Have you ever wondered how this all started?
Where it began, this special time?
You call it Christmas; we call it Love
In our world it makes no difference, as long as you feel the pulse inside

Remember when you were young and oh so eager then too
Awaiting Santa’s reindeer to appear on your roof
You believed so easily then in the power of the mind
You never doubted that He would arrive

Your parents helped with the story, taught to them in their youth
And so on, and so on, all the way back in time
Now you await your truth again, in the eyes of the children before you
They are here to remind you of what you once knew

That the Power of Love has existed since before time
Since before there was an Earth or Heaven above
And the Power of Love insisted that it be known through time
So this purpose of yours came to be born

So many of you chose to come on this journey
To learn all that you could about Life
Here on this Earth you can see afar
Out to the planets and the stars suspended in the sky
They teach of vastness, of triumph, and of destiny too
They teach you to dream and to look way beyond whom you think you are

These beacons of Light, you can take deep into your heart
And rekindle the flame that once burned bright

You are great, you are His sacred ones
Sent forward from the Light
Here to learn “what you can do” to spread this message
That all is really right with this world
In spite of the troubles that lurk about

You see this eternal flame that burns brightly from within
Is not ashamed of its presence, to have itself be known
Its power is eternal, It is not shy
To be expressed is all that It asks

So on Christmas morning, when you awake
Remember this message from deep in your Soul
You are not lost, you are not forsaken
You are to be found where your feelings reside

There in your Heart center, where the truth breaks to surface
There can be no mistaking that Love has taken hold
And this message is not to be forgotten
For it is of the greatest story that has ever been told

When each of you surrenders to this Guiding Light
Another star lights up the sky to cast its beam into the forever Void
Pushing back the darkness a little further
Each time one of you finds their way Home
Isn’t it a great story that you all get to play a part in?
A piece of living history that unfolds itself through you?
You are of the Light Everlasting
You are a Beacon of His Love
Your are a Star in His “Forever Army”
Of life and purpose, and oh yes, so much more

Do not be ashamed of your Being any longer
It is sacred; you must know this without a doubt
He does not cast Himself in rubble, or in stone
Only into the hearts of those whose purpose can be His own

This is our tale of Christmas, a message we give to you
In a package that has shaped itself throughout your history
Each year we bring to you another such message
To be added to the annals of unfolding time

Teach your children this truth of the Light Everlasting
Show them that It resides within
And take no stock in what others tell you
Of this or that not being the true path
Only theirs, or so they claim

The true path for all is illumined by one’s Soul
And that Soul was His to begin
Now it is yours to take you forward through this Life
To learn and then teach what truth you come to know

Everyone has purpose, and love and magic too
Everyone has meaning in the Grand Design
To be sure, that is His Way
To provide that which is needed to sing His praises
Throughout the annals of time
To sing His praises is to sing your own, you see
For you are of Him who has sent forth His Sons and Daughters
His Offspring is you, you see
And you are His to be sure
Till the end of time, and of course, beyond that as well

As we bid farewell to this magical mystery tour
In prose, in poetry and in rhyme
We return to where It all began, the very first Christmas
Somewhere near the dawning of time

Merry Christmas We say to you all

From Santa . . . and from . . . the Divine

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