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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dr Moe - I Have Arrived

I Have Arrived 
Copyright: Maurice Turmel AKA “Dr Moe” 2016

Where am I traveling to
Where am I going next
Where do I get off this time
Who do I impress

Second to none, you can be sure
I’m saying to you all
Not me baby, that’s for sure
I won’t drop the ball

I Have Arrived
I Have Arrived

Proving my worth, like I should
Is what life’s all about
Chasing rainbows, hiding from doubt
That’s no longer what it’s about

Life purpose says, that through my heart
I rise once again
Face those dangers, do my best
It’s my time to begin

All I want to know, is who I am
What am I doing here
Still chasing rainbows, when You draw the line
Can I find solace, dear

You say those hazards are part of the way
So don’t get caught, check every day
Your heart will draw to you, what is Mine

All else is thunder, so let go that line

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